Microdose with OGeez!’s New Mini Gummy

The company's new gummy is the first mini to hit the Arizona market, opening up the industry to more adult users and targeting seasoned consumers looking for easier ways to microdose

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Say goodbye to cutting gummies in half. OGeez! Brands, a leading Arizona-based cannabis infusion company, has just launched a new mini gummy.

The small-but-mighty gummy debuted on May 3 at Zen Leaf Dispensaries in Arizona. It will be available to dispensaries statewide beginning on May 12.

The inspiration behind this exciting new “mini” is twofold. Not only is OGeez! aiming to provide new adult consumers an easy and safe way to enter the cannabis market, but the company is also looking to offer experienced users the perfect way to microdose to manage pain, anxiety, or simply to explore their relationship with cannabis.

“It’s time to put away the scissors and kitchen knives and stop cutting larger gummies in half. The industry has come too far for that,” said OGeez! CEO Bran Noonan. “We’re thrilled to be the first Arizona cannabis company to take an existing product and shrink it down to a bite-size portion. We’re expecting high demand right out of the gate.”

The minis — which will debut in OGeez’s signature tropical flavor and in the company’s new vibrantly colored bags — will be dosed at 3 milligrams a piece with 25 gummies per bag.

“They are a perfect size for a newcomer to cannabis, a microdoser, and everyone in between,” Noonan said.

Like all of OGeez’s products, the mini will be scratch-made, fully infused and come in both indica and sativa, further distinguishing it in a crowded marketplace.

The new mini comes less than seven months after the company launched its groundbreaking RSO gummy. Peg’s Raspberry Orange RSO — named in honor of OGeez’s late founder, Peggy Noonan — hit the market with a bang. It’s now OGeez’s top-selling product, not to mention one of the most popular and in-demand gummies in Arizona.

RSO, more formally known as Rick Simpson Oil, is a specialized full-spectrum form of cannabis oil that encompasses all of the naturally occurring cannabinoids and offers a full-bodied effect. With Peg’s Raspberry Orange RSO, the company took the bitter flavor of an oil that consumers long dabbed and developed it into an easy-to-consume and accurately dosed gummy with the amazing flavor of OGeez’s products. The 10-milligram gummy is an ideal fit for all consumers across the market.

The back-to-back product drops are part of the OGeez mission to “create innovative and memorable products that flavor life’s journey.” Noonan has been promoting that mission since he took over the company from his mother after she died in April 2021, following a four-year battle with Leukemia. Noonan said he always keeps his mother’s vision at the forefront, especially as OGeez! and the cannabis industry continue to grow and evolve.

In 2021, the first year of legal adult use in Arizona, cannabis sales in the state clocked in at roughly $1.4 billion, according to the Arizona Department of Revenue. And as the adult market continues to take off, OGeez! is determined to provide consumers with cannabis in an accessible and mainstream way. The advent of the OGeez! mini is a big step in that direction. It not only opens the market to more adults, but it also allows those who want to experiment with smaller doses to enjoy the flavor of an OGeez! gummy more frequently.

While the 3-milligram mini is launching in tropical, OGeez! is planning to roll it out in other flavors soon. The company is also planning a summer edition flavor that will hit the market for an exclusive period of time beginning on June 21 — the first day of summer.

“Everything good comes in threes,” Noonan said. “We believe these 3-milligram gummies are going to take the market by storm and are going to continue to bring in new users.”

About OGeez! Brands
As a leading cannabis-infusion company, OGeez! Brands manufactures some of the most in-demand gummies in Arizona. The company — which supplies gummies to over 100 dispensaries statewide — is dedicated to creating innovative and memorable cannabis-infused products that flavor life’s journey.

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