NEKTR & hotelFUBU: The Stoner Dao

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NEKTR & hotelFUBU: partner in Development of CannaCrypto Community

The NEKTR Ecosystem is excited to welcome CARL BROWN, co-Founder, iconic brand architect and CEO of hotelFUBU, LLC, as partner in the launch of the first ever CannaCrypto Hospitality Community, The Stoner DAO.  In the spirit of “for us, by us”, membership or “residency” in the community requires ownership of Stoner Punkz NFTs, our premiere Solana NFT.  As we mint out this collection, all initial Stoner Punkz NFT owners are identified as Certified OG members in the Stoner DAO with future tier statuses based on their total number of minted Stoner Punkz. Membership provides exclusive access to our perpetually growing community of industry leaders, professionals, tastemakers and investors interested in normalizing cannabis culture and enhancing its access in lifestyle industries.

Why Join The Stoner DAO?

  1. Passport to a Digital and Physical Cannabis Community – cannabis friendly entrepreneurs, content creators, and investors intersect to execute, build, and scale cannabis centric solutions (art, events, products) to de-stigmatize and further legitimize the role of cannabis in the global community
  2. Revenue Sharing- Verified Members of the Stoner DAO will earn monthly revenue from Official Stoner DAO projects and revenue generating events through active participation and contributions in key work streams. Revenue sharing potential increases with the number of minted Stoner Punkz you have minted

How do I join and become verified?

  1. The minting and holding of at least one or more of the 2420 unique OG Stoner Punkz at with detailed How to Buy instructions available at
  2. Join the Stoner DAO Discord and verify your Stoner Punk Purchase
  3. Follow @StonerPunkzSol on Twitter

The official launch event for the Stoner DAO is scheduled for August 2022 in Las Vegas. The NEKTR Ecosystem welcomes its partnership with FUBU co-founder, Carl Brown, as it continues to develop and grow this global Crypto/Cannabis Centric network for creators and innovators within the industry.

“Let’s reaffirm that cannabis is for creators! It brings inspiration, ideation, creation and should be celebrated in everyday life without stigma”

Ra Young, CEO of NEKTR

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