Women-Owned Proof has a New CEO

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Julie Mercer-Ingram, Proof ‘s co-Founder accepts CEO position.

Proof, the cannabis wellness company, is excited to announce that co-Founder Julie Mercer-Ingram has accepted the role of Chief Executive Officer. Since founding Proof in 2016, Julie has served as General Counsel and Creative Director. With a deep commitment to cannabis wellness, Julie is on mission to make cannabis more inclusive and affordable.

A natural leader with many talents, Julie has deep experience in cannabis as an industry advocate, policy expert, legal strategist, and creative director. She conceived and launched Super Wow, Proof’s recreational brand, and is responsible for Proof and Super Wow’s signature branding. A force to be reckoned with, Julie has helped Proof prosper while successfully practicing cannabis law for six years. Now focused solely on Proof, Julie’s strong business acumen will help take the company to the next level.

Proof and Julie share a mission to help improve peoples’ lives through cannabis. Julie has long been advocating for the benefits of cannabis use. As CEO, Julie’s goal is to make cannabis more inclusive and accessible. As such, Julie’s first change as CEO is to respond to tough economic times by reducing prices across Proof’s menu. “Proof makes high-quality products at affordable prices. By lowering our prices, Proof is standing by its customers and helping people feel better through cannabis,” says Julie.

Fortunately, Proof is in a great position to help consumers. Through rigorous operational practices and ruthless fiscal discipline, Proof remains one of the only women-led, bootstrapped, profitable legacy brands in the California market, having successfully competed against corporate giants. “Proof has been able to scale with zero outside growth capital. We’re a unicorn in cannabis, because we have no debt, we are profitable, and we’re a top brand in our categories in California, the largest cannabis market in the world. This allows us to pay it forward and focus on our customers’ product needs and budgets,” states Julie.

Under Julie’s leadership, Super Wow and Proof will continue to push the industry forward, by releasing several new products this month, including a CBG Elixir for focus and energy along with two new Super Wow flavors.

Cannabis consumers should know that, by buying Proof and Super Wow, they are supporting a women-owned business and keeping passion for the plant thriving.

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