World’s First Hemp Meat Could Solve Meat Industry Environmental and Health Crisis

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Estonian Start-Up The Naturist Has Discovered the Ultimate Formula for Protein-Rich, Sustainable Vegan Meat

The food industry, particularly meat production, has long been a sustained source of controversy for its unsustainable, growing negative impact on the global environment. Increasingly, more sustainable vegan meat alternatives have been developed to combat the detrimental environmental effects, but these are often at a cost to our health as they are typically loaded with processed soy, oils, harmful fats and other hidden nasties. In an attempt to produce a meat alternative that is healthy for the planet and its inhabitants alike, Estonian start-up The Naturist has partnered with a research facility that has dedicated the past two decades to developing the perfect formula for hemp-based vegan meat, Crump™. Launching on April 5th 2022 on the crowdfunding platform IndieGogo, Crump™ is set to revolutionize the food industry as we know it. 

Cleaner and Greener

Beef production, one of the heaviest polluters of the food industry, demands high water and resource consumption, as well as releasing significant quantities of CO2 emissions. The beef industry consumes over 15,500 liters of water and generates 60 kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions per kilogram of meat produced, with raising cattle also contributing to environmental issues, including deforestation and loss of biodiversity. Despite these harmful effects, our meat consumption continues to grow faster than the human population itself. Evidently, greater awareness is needed about the negative impacts of eating meat. Not only this, but there are limited healthy, protein-rich vegan meat options available. Naturist’s Crump™, on the other hand, consumes 400 times less water and produces 24 times fewer CO2 emissions than beef.

“For every team member at Naturist, Crump™ is a personal endeavour,”shares Jürgen Jürgenson, CEO and Founder of Naturist. “Hailing from Estonia, a country renowned for its pristine forests and clean lakes, we have long been searching for a solution that may help humanity change their eating habits while simultaneously improving their health, quality of life and reducing their environmental footprint. Crump™ finally gives us this incredible opportunity. Through our unique refining technology using two of nature’s own superfoods, hemp and pea, Crump™ is the world’s first vegan meat that packs more protein and less fat than meat while maintaining a balanced amino acid profile.”

Hemp: An Underrated Superfood

Approximately 58% of ex-vegans felt forced to quit their plant-based lifestyle due to health issues, such as developing a protein deficiency. While a plant-based diet is considered the most effective way to reduce your environmental footprint, as well as benefit your health, care is needed to meet your nutritional needs.

“Since my teenage years, I have always been very involved in tackling the issue of climate change, focusing my attention on sustainable initiatives and lifestyle choices to tread lighter on the planet and reduce my own environmental impact,” says Taavid Mikomägi, Co-Founder at Naturist. “After years of maintaining a plant-based lifestyle, I, like many other vegans, felt I had to give it up due to the health issues I was suffering, provoked by the lack of protein and consuming unhealthy vegan meat options.” 

Vegan meat is supposed to breach this nutritional gap, but many products currently available on shelves have been revealed to be not only unhealthy, but they are also less sustainable than first thought. The main risk is from soy mock meat. When processed, soy easily oxidizes, releasing thousands of PUFAs (polyunsaturated fatty acids) which research shows cause heart disease and cardiovascular issues. 

“We knew we couldn’t stick to conventional ingredients that are currently being used to produce faux meat,” says Jürgen Jürgenson. “After experimenting with mushrooms, oats and wheat, we realized that none of these ingredients were able to solve the issue as unless they are highly processed, which is another scenario we’ve been trying to avoid, they don’t provide sufficient protein. We then wondered, why don’t we experiment with a plant that is usually used to induce appetite? This is when our ‘aha moment’ occurred”.

Hemp is a plant that is very resilient and can be grown in high-risk farming zones that are inhabitable for other crops. Hemp also offers a unique nutritional composition to replace meat in a vegan diet: 54% pure, plant-based protein, 0% trans fats; 15% fiber, and 25% carbohydrates. 

“Throughout my years of research, this is the first time I’ve encountered a vegan meat that really delivers on its promise and helps me to maintain a high protein intake to support my lifestyle,” shares Siim Land, bestselling author, biohacker and longevity expert. “Looking at the nutritional, environmental, and ethical effects, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get at least a part of your daily protein from Crump™.”

Sold as dry granules, Crump™ can be used as you would minced meat. Just portion out the Crump™ and place it in warm water for several moments, then cook it as usual. Crump™ has a neutral taste which enables it to take on the flavor profile of diverse seasonings and spices, making it a healthy base for tacos, ‘meatballs’, lasagne, and more.

Available as of April 5th for purchase on the  IndieGoGo platform, Crump™ is all set for a plant-based summer.

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